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Georgian Manuscripts Exhibition at the National Library of Korea

On September 9 Georgian manuscripts exhibition “The Knight in Panther’s Skin - Europe and Asia in One Book” was officially opened at the National Library of Korea. Chief Executive of the National Library, Ms. Seo Hye Ran and Ambassador of Georgia, H.E. Mr. Otar Berdzenishvili delivered the speeches for the audience. At the opening, Honorable Professors from the Yonsei and Korea Universities who translated mentioned epic poem, Mr. Cho Ju-Kwan and Mr. Hur Seung-chul were presented as a special guests.

The exhibition displays digital copies of the ancient manuscripts and illustrations of the famous Georgian poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” written in 12th century by Georgian poet, Shota Rustaveli. Original of the items are preserved at Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts. Visitors can also find Korean language translations of the poem.

During the event, Georgian national attire, related to the content of the poem, is also exhibited at the National Library of Korea. Items of the traditional clothing was provided by Georgian company “Papanaki”.

The projects is organized by the Embassy of Georgia and the National Library of Korea, in collaboration with the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts

The Embassy would like to express gratitude to the mentioned organizations for their cooperation.

Exhibition will last including September 28. Admission free.

September 9, 2019